Vigo (Pontevedra)

PhD Cum Laude in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). He is a professor of Scenographic Design and Drawing at the University King Juan Carlos (URJC).

He authored the books Maya Deren (2019) and Andrei Tarkovski (Cátedra, 2010) and wrote Art in frames. Movies made by artists  (Cátedra, 2008).

He co-writed the book Jim Jarmusch, (with H. J. Rodríguez), Cátedra, 2014.

He helped coordinate the books Alain Resnais. Los entresijos de la memoria [with Raúl Álavarez and Israel Paredes] (Solaris Textos de Cine / Trama Editorial, 2022) CINEMA XXI. Directors  and  directions [with H. J. Rodríguez] (Cátedra, 2013) and coordinated The pulse of narrator. The highs and lows of Jaime de Armiñán  for the Spanish Film Festival of Cáceres (2009).

He also has collaborated on a variety of multiple-author books and catalogs: Trilogía de la Depresión, de Lars von Trier [Solaris Textos de Cine, Trama Editorial, 2021], ( Paolo Sorrentino [Solaris Textos de Cine, Trama Editorial, 2021], La invasión de los ultracuerpos, de Philip Kaufman [Solaris Textos de Cine, Trama Editorial, 2021], Cine que hoy no se podría rodar [Solaris Textos de Cine, Trama Editorial, 2020], La infancia en el cine [Editorial Fragua, 2020], Eyes wide shut [Solaris Textos de Cine, Trama Editorial, 2020], Trilogía del Apartamento de Roman Polanski [Solaris Textos de Cine, Trama Editorial, 2020], De Arrebato a Zulueta [Solaris Textos de Cine, Trama Editorial, 2019], El grupo GAUR. 50 años [Comares, 2018], Twin Peaks. 25 Años después todavía se escucha la música en el aire [Innisfree, 2016], Werner Herzog. Espejismos de sueños olvidados [Shangrila, 2015], Benjamín Fernández. Director artístico [Filmoteca Española, ICAA, Ministerio de Cultura, 2009], etc.

He has published articles in the cultural supplement for the following publications and daily newspapers: It's playtimeDirigido porABCCuadernos de JazzKane3Nickel OdeonLÁPIZ Revista Internacional de ArteShangri-La Deriva y ficciones aparteScifiworld and AGR, among others.

He was a member of the jury (shortfilms) on Latin American Film Festival of Huelva (2013).

He was a member of the Advisory Committee on DocumentaMadrid  (International Documentary Festival of Madrid) Editions 2011 & 2012.

He has taught the following classes:
- Film History (2013-2015) and Audiovisual narrative (2012-2013) at University Center of Technology and Digital Art (U-Tad).
- New Tendencies and Media in Contemporary Art, levels I and II in the Audiovisual Department in Fine Arts on the Francisco de Vitoria University of Madrid (2007-2010)
- Art and Cinema. From a Canvas to a Screen, in the Higher Institute of Art [I/Art] in Madrid (2007-2009).

He has worked as a documentary maker on exhibitions organized by the Spanish Film Archives: Rafael Gil and CIFESA (2007), The Quixote and the movies»(2005), 50 years of Spanish Film/Spain in the movies from the 50's (2003) and Chimera Builders: Artistic Directors from the Spanish Film Industry (1999).